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– Face Reader, Meditation Teacher and Creative


How I would describe myself

I am an idealist through and through. I am freedom-loving, curious and sometimes persistent. I need my independence and yet I always return to a place where I feel rooted. Creative expression is essential for me to live out my individuality.


I like to look at the world from a bird's eye view to receive an objective overview. My strength lies in assembling individual elements into a bigger picture and thus bringing out a larger, unifying visions.


I love being around people and humor is my favorite way to connect with them. That's probably why I'm a city person, who prefers the metropolis to the countryside. My role models are Yoda and Jane Goodall, because wisdom and kindness are the most important virtues for me.


I am convinced that no one is born with their personality and talents purely by chance, but that a deeper idea of individual self-expression is revealed behind them.
I believe that every quality, no matter how unloved it may be, also contains winning aspects and exploring these leads us into the depths of unimagined potential.



For me, the meaning of life is expressing the grandest version of the highest vision of who I am, and I want to guide others in this journey, too.


  • My career
    Ever since I was a young girl, I've always had this special interest in people and to understand why they are the way they are. Since looking deeply into her inner essence was not tangible for me and I am a visual person, I became increasingly interested in the visible: the clothes, the hair, the make-up and the appearance of my fellow human beings. For me, this was a helpful tool for recognizing what the human being wants to bring out into the world from within and how he expresses his very own nature. So it came about that after graduating from high school I started studying fashion journalism and media communication. A world that was very superficial, especially at this point in time. And although I loved the job very much, in my professional life I let myself be drawn more and more into the maelstrom of ego games and greed. So I finally decided to express my creative abilities in a different way. I then worked as a creative in an agency for a few years and studied communication design at the same time until I became self-employed as a creative directress. I still love to work creatively today, but the desire for deeper insight into human nature led me through many experiences and trainings to accompany people on their way to reconnect with who they really are.< /p>
  • my pain point
    The reason why exploring my own authentic being is so important to me is that I've often felt in my life that I don't belong. In my circle of friends when I was a child and teenager, I was always the youngest and therefore the “uncoolest”. My weight problems also led to rejection from the outside and resulted in me trying everything to stand out in some way. What more and more fell by the wayside: my true self. This was noticeable in the fact that I was often dissatisfied with my activities and the following questions kept popping up in my head: Who am I really? what is my way What are my special talents and skills? Why I'm here? Questions that have accompanied me to this day - with the decisive difference that I now know more and more clearly what makes me special, what corresponds to my energy and which necessary steps are unavoidable for me.
  • The journey inside
    I don't know exactly how and why I suddenly developed such a strong interest in spirituality in my so "normal" life. It just appeared out of nowhere. I dug into every book and teaching I could find. I participated in seminars and workshops, completed various training courses in energy healing, learned channeling, did two meditation teacher training courses, studied face reading and numerology. I wanted to know everything about what holds the world together at its core and what role we as humans play in it. And above all: what role I play in it. Tried and tested analysis tools were a good starting point for me here. To break it down briefly: I am Sagittarius moon Scorpio ascendant, Projector 4/6 with Spleen authority, born in the Chinese year of the Fire Rabbit, walk the 37/10/1 life path and correspond to the dosha type Pitta-Kapha . Above all, the wisdom of facereading and meditation helped me to really see myself (and my fellow human beings) on an even deeper level. Face reading on an informative level - as an optical mirror of the soul - and meditation on an intuitive, deeply feeling level.
  • The moment of the epiphany
    With all this information and tools I had gathered, I didn't really know what I could bring to the world with it - until one day, just after Christmas, I was driving home. I knew the route inside out and drove subconsciously accordingly. I tuned in emotionally to the music that was playing and literally philosophized about everything and everything, until suddenly immense energy flooded my body and brought tears to my eyes. You're here to help people find out who they really are." Excuse me? These words were absolutely unexpected, although I had already been in touch with remarkable energies many times. Still sobbing, my mind immediately kicked in: "How is that supposed to work if I don't even know who I am?" Question marks lingered in my mind for weeks afterward, finally realizing that my biggest challenge is also a key to helping others with this issue. And here we are. Today it is a great pleasure for me to accompany people to rediscover themselves and to participate in expressing their potential.



  1. Physiognomy
  2. Siang Mien – Chinese Face Reading (several teachers)
  3. Facial Diagnostics
  4. Facial Expressions, Gestures, Body Language
  5. Face Reading in Ayurveda
  6. Love and Partnership
  7. Intuitive Face Reading
  8. Children Reading


  1. 200h Active Consciousness Meditation Teacher Training + Teacher Assitance
  2. Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher Certification
  3. 80h Sound Meditation and Nada Yoga Training
  4. 10-Day Energy Healing Training
  5. 10-Day Vipassana Retreat


  1. Birth Chart Analysis
  2. Personality Image Analysis
  3. Relationship and Family Analysis


Many years of experience as a creative for brands, magazines and agencies in the field of fashion, art direction & brand experiences

  1. Fashion Journalism and Media Communication Studies
  2. Communication Design Studies
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