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3 clues that you're a true traveler

... and which features reveal that in the face.

Do you have a restless mind, can't sit still or are always on the move? Then, according to face reading, you probably have a talent related to travel or mobility. Most importantly, you should interact and connect with people of all cultures and mindsets.

Of course, there are other clues on the face that indicate this trait. But the following three are definitely important ones among them:


1. Freckles

Chinese face readers call freckles the stars of the sky, because they belong not only to one person but to the whole world. Accordingly, their wearer should not remain in one place, but go out into the world and experience adventures.


2. A birthmark in the extension of the eyebrow

Did you know that in Face Reading birthmarks are assigned to special characteristics. A birthmark on the side of the brow for instance indicates the so called talent of the world.


3. Curls

Curls are not immediately associated with the talent of the world, but it is certain that there is a busy and restless mind person in a cruly head - so to speak, who is mentally or physically constantly on the move.


Do you have one or more of these characteristics? Then you should make the following saying your mantra: "I wanna see new places and meet new faces".
And maybe even plan your next trip.


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