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Go on a date with yourself.

In a reading I take you on a journey to your true potential, the essence you were born with and the talents and abilities you seek to express. Depending on the topic you choose, we break down your contradictions, desires and challenges, as well as which strategies you can use to navigate authentically through life in the future. You will experience how you can live your life self-determined and full of trust according to your own rules without losing the balance between body, mind and intuition.


You are one of a kind.
The way you live your life should be, too.

"Why am I the way I am? What is really part of me and what has been imposed on me? What abilities still want to be lived out in me? And how can I express myself genuinely and authentically?"

Does that resonate with you? Then a reading is a great tool for you as your face and numbers give you very individual answers to these questions.


A reading is right for you if...

  • you want to connect more deeply with yourself and others.

  • you have the feeling that there is more for you in life, but you cannot find the access to it.

  • you want to free yourself from old patterns and move forward in a self-determined way.

  • you want to find out where your individual strengths and talents lie.

  • if you already have achieved your goals, but have a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness

  • you no longer want to let your life be determined by external factors.

  • you are looking for your purpose in life.

  • you already have an intuitive feeling for your future path, but you still want to get information based on your face or numerology chart.


Face Reading

The face is the mirror of our soul and reveals countless clues that describe a person's personality and character. Shapes, marks, lines, colorations and micro expressions reflect various aspects of a person's way of thinking, emotions, health, talents and even life's purpose. 




"Number is the essence of all things." Pythagoras already considered numbers in his days not only as quantities, but also as qualities; where each number has specific properties that we encounter in the form of challenges and growth potentials. Your name and date of birth form the basis for your individual chart.



Through the practice of various techniques of energy work, my own intuition and perception of the other person's feelings also flows into each reading. Insights to your questions come to light, which lie on a deep subconscious level.

Testimonial Videos



Fiona Natter

"Life changing! Yes, with these strong words I would really summarize the reading. I have tried many things before. By chance I came across Stefanie and had a lot of questions about my future, my personality and my further path in life. Stefanie more than exceeded my expectations with her answers. Precise, detailed and very individual she presented her results. I came out of her session very uplifted and motivated. A must for anyone who wants to find out more about themselves."

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