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5 signs of creativity

... and how you recognise them in the face.

Creativity has many facets. Accordingly, there are also numerous signs that indicate this in the face. Sometimes it can be recognized by a single feature, sometimes by a combination, and occasionally even the facial expressions speak about it.

Unfortunately, creativity is often misunderstood and equated with artistic talent. But there are various ways to express this ability. What is always required, however, is the ability to create of unconventional ideas coupled with mental open-mindedness.

Do you have one of these five features?


1. Daydreamer eyes

If your upper eyelids slightly hide the eyeball in a round shape, this is a sign of a person with many visions. The Chinese would also say that the night is not enough for them to dream and thus they also do this during daytime.


2. Full lips

Owners of full lips want to enjoy life to the fullest and due to this they always find new unconventional ways to express theirselves and their individuality - especially when it comes to love.


3. Big pupils

Do you often have large pupils even though it is bright in the room? Then you have strong visualization skills and are easily guided by intuitive impulses.


4. Distinctive nose

A distinctive nose shows your practical and intellectual talent, which also makes you an excellent strategist as well as a creator of ideas.


5. Short eyebrows

If you have short eyebrows (note: without them falling out sideways due to illness or energy loss), then you are classified among creative individualists with great intuition and sensitivity.


Of course, there are a even more characteristics that make a creative mind, but maybe you already have one or more of the above?


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