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The spiral of life unfolding

And how you can manifest more purpose in your life.

The process of manifestation takes place in three important stages. It starts with our essence, what makes us who we are in our innermost being, and moves from there via our energy and energy bodies to the physical realm, which also includes our outer world. In the mirror of our life circumstances we then experience the corresponding results of this process.

Vice versa, our outer world and our physicality have an influence on our energy and return information to our essence, which in turn sends us new impulses for creation.

So, in order to guarantee a smooth manifestation process, we need to bring all three levels into harmony with each other.

We can achieve this by getting on the track of the innermost aspirations of our essence. Identifying our potentials and talents is a first step here. Consciously following our joy and passion into action is another.

In this way, corresponding synchronicities appear in our lives, which our essence can use for further relevant impulses which will we passed on to our physis.



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