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The Magical Triangle

... or the 3 P's.

Passion, Purpose & Potential are three fundamental parts of our lives, which - no matter from which angle you look at them - are always touched and nourished by the other two aspects. And you, in your totality, stand as the centre and pivot point in the middle of it all.

In implementation this means: No matter which point you start with, you will automatically approach the other two areas. If you follow your passion, for example, you will also automatically tap into your potential and generate more purpose for yourself. Or: If you feel you are doing something meaningful for yourself and others, this will automatically nourish your passion and your potential will be activated.

In this way, you move from corner to corner, so to speak, with the entire triangle expanding further and further. This causes an expanding of your personal horizon and thus inner and outer growth.

So, which of the 3 P's do you start with today?



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