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The characteristics of bamboo

... and what that might have to do with you.

In the Chinese face-reading tradition, personality types are often compared to images from nature, be they plants, elements or animals. In accordance with their qualities, people with such a personality structure also have corresponding characteristics.

This gives rise to descriptions such as the tree-face, the fire-chin or the jaguar-eye.

I find people to whom one would assign a bamboo personality particularly exciting.

Find out how much of a bamboo personality is in you:



Bamboo poles are incredibly robust (some are even stronger than steel!) as well as super flexible at the same time and are therefore often used for the construction of entire house complexes.

People with a so-called bamboo personality are accordingly: adaptable and at the same time unbroken in their outlook on life.



Bamboo is the second fastest growing plant in the world.

And so are the bamboo personalities. They strive to develop steadily and rapidly.



Bamboo grows with flat, grass-like roots (since bamboo is in fact one of the grasses), but forms hard, woody culms.

Bamboo personalities are therefore not so deeply grounded by nature, but rather find their support in their own centre.



Bamboo comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours. There is green, black, brown, golden, blue, white, grey, purple, red and even striped bamboo in around 1,500 different species.

And so are bamboo personalities - absolute individualists. They simply do not want to be compared with others.



Did you know that bamboo purifies the air up to 30% more effectively than any other plant?

In this sense, authentic bamboo personalities also make you feel refreshed and relaxed around them, as they have excellent social skills.


How much bamboo is in you?


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