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Judging versus perceiving

Why face reading is not superficial.

Is it reprehensible to judge someone based on their appearance? Most people would probably answer "yes". Because a judgment is absolute and gives no room for development. The goal of a judgment is always separation - white versus black, good versus bad. And I agree that separation does not allow us to grow.

But does this principle also apply to reading a person's face? Does it automatically separate the good from the bad? No. Because in reality face reading is the exact opposite of judgment. In its essence, it has nothing to do with ideals of beauty, ethnic distinctions or exclusion, even if one or the other group has tried to misuse this knowledge for themselves over the centuries.

Face reading is a tool that allows us to perceive the inner nature of a person. It is about recognizing potentials and knowing that we can live all characteristics winning and losing way. In other words, every mark on your face always comes in the form of a 'double deal'. On one side as a strength or talent and on the other as a downside that tempts you to fall into extremes. So there is no such thing as a fundamentally 'bad' trait.

From this point of view, reading the face is a vehicle to develop more compassion towards oneself and other people, to see them, understand them, accept them and love them just as they are. The key to this is usually looking at ourselves in the mirror. The more we learn about ourselves as well as realize that we are not infallible either, the less we express the losing aspects of our qualities. We become more and more honest with ourselves and realize more quickly when we have strayed from our golden path. This ability to reflect within ourselves makes us more mindful and open to the challenges and so-called weaknesses of our fellow human beings and strengthens our capacity for empathy as well as connectedness.

Just try it out.


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