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Passion = Purpose

Why we should follow our joy.

When we wonder about our purpose, there are two approaches that we usually deal with: Firstly, the question of what purpose we have in life in general and secondly, what purpose our current actions have for us.

If we look more closely, however, we realise that these are not in fact two different topics, but that one emerges from the other. If we express our purpose in every moment possible, the purpose for our life will automatically reveal itself. You can't have one without the other so to speak.

But what exactly does it mean to fulfil one's purpose in the present moment? The most reliable tool to find out is to get on the track of our passion as it shows us on a physical and mental level what makes our innermost being shine. If we are not yet aware though of what gives us joy, we – as a first step – can take a look at our talents or the topics that have interested us since we were children.

The key is as simple as this: if we follow our passion, we automatically enter into an energy and radiance that leads us through the algorithm of life to encounters, opportunities and stepping stones that support us in expressing our higher purpose.

All in all, this means for us that we don't have to put all this pressure on ourselves to find this one life purpose as quickly as possible, but can simply decide from moment to moment what makes our heart blossom the most.


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