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The significance of piercings in the ear

A look into the childhood.

Piercings play a significant role in face reading. In general, they are an expression of individuality, non-verbal communication but also grounding – as metal on the body makes you "heavier", so to speak. Depending on their positioning, however, they can also have even more detailed meanings, as each facial area stands for certain themes of life.

In Chinese face reading, the ears are an expression of the childhood. So if you have a lot of piercings on your ears, there is a theme that still needs grounding, that has not yet been completely worked through. This could be a difficult start in life, complicated family circumstances or frequent changes of residence. The more metal, the more relevant the topic.

Of course, one should not ignore the fact that piercing is also subject to fashion trends. Trends, however, always develop out of a basic social vibration and are then visually expressed.

Especially in the current time we are asked to look our old issues in the face again, to cut off aggravating ballast. By the way, this is also a property of metal.

I would be interested to know: What is your opinion of face reading in the matter of piercings? Do you have piercings yourself and can you relate to the above?



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