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Why touching the face is so intimate.

A view of the hand on the face.

We touch our faces many times a day - sometimes with a very clear intention - when we apply lotion, brush a strand of hair out of our face or refine our makeup. Most of the time, however, touching for our face happens quite unconsciously. We tap our nose, rub our chin or stroke our earlobe and don't even notice. Right then, these are very intimate moments with our own inner world. We ponder, we get nervous, or we want to have our say in the conversation. Because depending on which area of the face we touch, we receive corresponding impulses from the organs connected via nerve tracts or from the brain.
That is why we so rarely touch the face of someone we are not so familiar with, because it establishes a connection with his/her inner world. It becomes literally intimate. We touch one of the most individual characteristics of a person - the face. We touch his/her personality.
When it comes to flirting or kissing, this is of course particularly productive, because we want to establish an intimate relationship with the other person. Nevertheless, we should always be careful not to overstep the boundaries of the other.

If we become more aware of the situations in which we touch our face and what is going on inside us in that moment, we can learn what is going on inside our fellow human being when he/she does the same.


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